About Us

Veteran owned and operated!

We believe that there are many things that make a company/organization great. However, we believe that one thing rises to the top of all the answers and that is GREAT PEOPLE!

Licensed and insured

Why choose us

1. Excellent service

For more than 8 years, we've earned a name for quality and customer service. We at RSESA take accountability for our service and treat our clients with respect and loyalty.

2. Commitment to quality

We achieve a thorough clean every time. To back this up, we ensure our clients are always happy with our services.

We have facility inspections face to face and phone interviews with both our clients and cleaning crew to guarantee all your cleaning needs are met.

3. Passion for the environment

Keeping the earth clean is part of what we care about, so we take steps to be environmentally friendly.

4. Highly qualified staff

Every individual hired at Rising Star Enterprises of San Antonio goes through a thorough screening process and one on one training.